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Radon Environmental partners with Airwell Technologies

September 21, 2015

Vancouver, BC, Canada – Radon Environmental Management Corporation (Radon Environmental) is pleased to announce its Partnership and Distribution Agreement with Airwell Technologies of Grimsby ON. Under the terms of the agreement, Radon Environmental will offer Airwell’s radon mitigation system for the treatment of residential well water. The Company will represent Airwell on an exclusive basis in the provinces of Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia and on a non-exclusive basis in the rest of North America.

Airwell’s new and patented technology solves the problem of radon in well water before water enters the home. The Airwell System improves water quality by injecting air into the water source through an aeration pipe. The pressurized air creates a hydrodynamic environment whereby water from the bottom of the well is circulated and aerated thus releasing radon and other pollutants. Well water is circulated, oxidized and purified.

“Partnering with Airwell is an excellent strategic fit for Radon Environmental, and expands our role as the leader in providing high performance state-of-the-art radon measurement and mitigation products and services in North America. The partnership now allows us to offer unique technology for the treatment of radon in water. Radon contaminated water is a significant source of radon in the home, in many areas of the country” says Alan Whitehead, President & CEO of Radon Environmental.

“Airwell is excited about the partnership with Radon Environmental. REM is a North American leader in the field of Radon awareness, Radon detection and Radon mitigation. Our product is an excellent compliment to their other high tech offerings in the field of Radon mitigation” says John Baxter, Director of Airwell Technologies. More information on these products and services may be found on the company’s website at www.airwelltechnolgy.com.

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