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Radon Environmental Partners With Pylon Electronics Inc.

Radon Environmental Management Corp.

Vancouver, BC, Canada – Radon Environmental Management Corporation (Radon Environmental) is pleased to announce its Partnership and Distribution Agreement with Pylon Electronics Inc, Ottawa, ON, Canada. Under the terms of the agreement, Radon Environmental will offer Pylon’s radon instrumentation products and laboratory services in North America. The Company will also be installing a Pylon AB6A state-of-the-art portable radon monitor at its Vancouver, BC facilities, to expand its radon testing services coast to coast.

Pylon’s Instrument Manufacturing Division is recognized as an international leader in the design and manufacturer of innovative, high quality, accurate instruments for the detection and measurement of radon gas. In addition, Pylon maintains and operates two well-equipped radon and thoron chambers, for the performance of exposures and equipment calibrations.

“Partnering with Pylon to supply their high quality radon measurement devices, utilize their radon chamber, and obtain their measurement application assistance, is an excellent strategic fit for Radon Environmental, to expand its role as the leader in providing state-of-the-art radon measurement and mitigation products and services in North America. The partnership will also allow us to offer unique and highly accurate short-term testing services of radon in air and water for the real estate and industrial sectors,” says Alan Whitehead, President & CEO of Radon Environmental. Pylon Vice President, Jim Mullins adds, “Pylon is excited about this new relationship as Radon Environmental is an extremely well-focused company that we feel will add value and help extend our customer reach.”

Pylon has been in business since 1955 and currently has facilities in Ottawa, ON, Mississauga, ON, and Dartmouth, NS. The Instrument Manufacturing division has been developing, designing, manufacturing and servicing radon monitors, detectors, accessories including for radon in water and in soil measurements, and radioactive sources (licensed by the CNSC) out of the Ottawa facility since the late 1970s. Pylon’s Calibration Division offers a wide variety of test equipment calibration and repair services and all labs are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. More information on these products and services may be found on the Company’s website at: www.pylonelectronics.com.

Radon Environmental Management Corp. is a health and building sciences company focused on reducing public exposure to radon gas. A recognized leader in raising radon awareness and education, the Company is the only integrated provider of radon maps and mapping services, together with radon detectors and certified professional radon measurement services. Radon Environmental is also a leader in funding the research and development of new innovative radon remediation technologies, like Radon Guard™ and Radon Block™ that build science into new and existing construction.


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Radon Environmental Management Corp.
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Jim Mullins, Vice President

Pylon Electronics Inc.
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