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Radon Environmental partners with AYKOW France to bring advanced radon technologies to Canada

August 20, 2014 - Vancouver, BC, Canada – Radon Environmental is pleased to announce the arrival of the latest patented nuclear dynamic sensor technology to Canada through its exclusive partnership with AYKOW France. These technologies, which include the VICTORIA™ real-time radon alarm and RADOSTAT™ smart mitigation system, will change the way Canadians approach indoor air quality control and protection from radon exposure.

“The AYKOW products are the first real-time warning and mitigation devices to prevent toxic radon concentrations in homes, workplaces and schools. We are increasing protection for Canadians with these devices by alerting to the detection of radon peaks and responding immediately when a possible danger is detected. These devices are the latest in high performance radon detection and mitigation technology, which we are proud to introduce to Canada,” says Alan Whitehead, President & CEO of Radon Environmental.

AYKOW is a French company specializing in nuclear detectors and automatic systems to mitigate radon in dwellings and public places. The VICTORIA™ radon alarm and RADOSTAT™ mitigation driving device use the latest patented nuclear dynamic sensor technology. More information on these products and Radon Environmental may be found on the company’s website www.radoncorp.com.

Radon Environmental Management Corp.

Alan Whitehead, President & CEO of Radon Environmental Management Corp., with Alana McFarlane, C-NRPP certified measurement professional.

Radon Environmental Management Corp. is an environmental health and building sciences company focused on reducing public exposure to radon gas. A recognized leader in raising radon awareness and education, the Company is the only integrated provider of radon maps and mapping services, together with radon detectors and certified professional radon measurement services. Radon Environmental is also a leader in funding the research and development of new innovative radon measurement and remediation technologies, like Radon Guard™ and Radon Block™ that are building science into new and existing construction.

For more information about the Company, please contact Alan Whitehead.