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Radon Environmental Management Corp. Partners with Holmes Approved Products - August 2017 RadonAware News Release - BC Lung Association offers faster way to identify home radon risk - March 2016 Scientists mapping deadly radon in Calgary - January 2016 A Strategy for Saving Lives: The National Radon Action Plan - December 2015 EPA and Partners Announce National Plan to Prevent Lung Cancer Deaths Due to Radon Exposure - November 2015 Mike Holmes: This invisible and odourless radioactive gas sneaks into homes and causes lung cancer - November 2015 Calgary homeowners urged to test for cancer causing gas - November 2015 Radon Awareness PSA with Mike Holmes Jr. - November 2015 Three New Brunswick schools test for elevated radon gas levels - October 2015 Radon gas suspected in Prince George, B.C., family tragedy - 'You don't know it's in your house unless you test' - October 2015 Guelph to test new homes for cancer-causing radon gas - September 2015 Be A Leader. Get Radon Certified. Radon Measurement - Review, Exam and Industry Q&A (*Note this is for CAHPI members only) - August 2015 Photos from the 2015 CARST Conference at the Pinacle Hotel Vancouver - April 2015 USA Today - Study suggests fracking could release radon from ground - April 2015 More needed to reduce radon-related Cancer - Janet Whitehead, a nonsmoker with lung cancer, discovered her former Ottawa home had 16 times the recommended limit of radon. - March 2015 Radon alert Odourless gas found in many Winnipeg homes can increase risk of lung cancer - February 2015 David Suzuki: Testing your home for radon could be a lifesaver - February 2015 Make Radon Testing Mandatory in Schools, Day Homes, and Day Care Facilities - January 2015 Cochranite petitions for radon testing in Alberta schools - January 2015