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Mapping the geologic radon potential in Canada

Radon Corp Unveils a New Radon Potential Map of Canada Radon Environmental’s scientific and geologic staff has developed a radon hazard potential map of Canada similar to the one developed by the US Geological Survey. National and provincial maps are now availiable online for purchase.

Click here to download a PDF on the map methodology.

Radon Mapping in CanadaGeological units form the basic framework for the radon potential map. Geology is an important factor in determining the source and potential distribution of radon. GIS processing was used to evaluate each rock unit contained in the geology dataset with respect to its US Radon Potential Classification, its uranium geochemistry and its radiometric geophysical response. These three major parameters were then used to classify the Canadian landmass.

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The Radon Atlas of Canada will be published by Radon Environmental in 2013. It contains additional data layers including: population density, isolated population centres such as First Nations Reserves and uranium-thorium mineral occurrences to provide detailed information about potential radon risk areas of Canada.

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With a dedicated team of mapping and design professionals, Radon Environmental can produce custom maps to suit your organization's goals. Maps quickly communicate large amounts of complex data and put your audience in a regional mindset. They are highly effective tools for risk communication.

Additional Map Overlays:

• Health boundaries
• U-TH occurrences
• Areas of human use and habitation
• First Nations Reserves

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