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Aube is a filterless, silent and compact air purifier. A more restful night’s sleep for asthma sufferers big and small.

With the Aube app, you can monitor the quality of the air you breathe on your tablet or smartphone (iOS/Android). 

Based on a unique photocatalysis process, Aube cleans the air. Visible light activates advanced semiconductor technologies that destroy pollutants, viruses and bacteria. The air is clean and purified.  

Aube treats VOCs, odours, allergens and formaldehydes. Its compact and soundless design is perfect for a child’s bedroom, the office, a waiting room, your car, bathroom or even your fridge. 

Q: What is the purification process of the Aube?

A: Aube purifies the air thanks to the photocatalytic effect. This method was invented for space programs during the 80s. Organic pollutants are eliminated or became passive. For Aube, the shape of the semiconductors has been changed to use a natural process of light activation in the visible light spectrum. There is no UV and no pollutant emission. 

Q: Are there any positive benefits using one even in a new house?

A: New homes are more specifically filled by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde. All new materials emit pollutants, which can cause sick building syndrome. The Aube is recommended for every new home and when new furniture is introduced. 

Q: What makes the Aube filterless different from filters such as the HEPA filter made by other companies?

A: Aube has international patents for its innovation. Aube breaks down 99.9% of fine VOC, PAH, viruses and bacterias – as small as 0.01µm. HEPA filters are only able to trap particles that are 0.3µm in size. 

Product Details:

Weight:0.5kg (1.1lbs)
Size:10 x 10 x 10 cm
Colour:White or Black
Connectivity:Connected (bluetooth) or Non-connected (standard)
Surface + Volume of Use:Room of 12 to 15 m2 (150 ft2); 35 m3 (123 ft3)
Box Content:Power micro USB cable, AC and cigarette lighter adapters, stickipad, cleaning tool.
Warranty:2 years (excluding power supply and accessories)
Power:4 W micro USB (5v DC); estimated consumption $4 / year
Compatibility:IOS & Android (smartphone and tablets)



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Download the Aube brochure for technical specifications.