Pylon Electronics

Radon Environmental has partnered with Pylon Electronics to offer Pylon’s radiation instrumentation products and laboratory services in Canada and the United States.

Canadian owned and operated since 1955, Pylon is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of accurate, innovative instruments for the detection and measurement of radon, thoron, and their progeny. 

Here you’ll find an overview of Pylon’s precision radiation monitors. The full range of products including detectors, accessories, and radioactive sources may be found in the product catalogue. To discuss how the Pylon line fits with your testing needs, please contact us.


Pylon AB6A Portable Radiation Monitor

The Pylon AB6A Portable Radiation Monitor is the next generation laboratory-grade instrument for fast, accurate measurement of radon levels. Every bit as reliable as the AB-5 and AB-4 monitors, the Pylon AB6A incorporates advanced technology and user-friendly features for enhanced performance and versatility.

In addition to proven photomultiplier tube (PMT) technology and multiple detector compatibility, new features include:

  • convenient USB interfaces

  • intuitive LCD touch screen technology

  • automated calculations

  • user-calibration capability

A state-of-the-art Pylon AB6A Portable Radiation Monitor will be installed in the Vancouver Radon Environmental facilities, expanding the company’s radon testing coast to coast. Short-term testing services of radon in air and water for the real estate and industrial sectors are available.



WG-1001 Series Water Degassing Systems

The WG-1001 Vacuum Water Degassing Systems are designed for accurate and rapid extraction of radon from water samples. The basic WG-1001 system consists of a vacuum and bubbler assembly and a hand-pump, all stored in a portable case. Variations of the WG-1001 kit allow you to include Pylon model 300A cells or offer the choice of optional water trap to reduce the possibility of cell damage if the vacuum is not shut off in time.



WLx Working Level Monitor

CRM-1 Active Radiation Monitor

CRM-2 Passive Radiation Monitor

Radon and Thoron Chambers

Pylon also maintains and operates two well equipped radon and thoron chambers for the performance of exposures and equipment calibrations that are traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and/or NRC (National Research Council of Canada) standards.