Airwell™ radon reductions up to 99%

New technology solves the problem of radon in well water before the water enters your home. Airwell sustains a “down the well” process indefinitely without debilitating scaling and bio-fouling.

A pipe with an aeration section is inserted from top to bottom in the well through the addition of riser pipes. A low voltage compressor delivers air to the active section of the Airwell pipe. This creates a hydrodynamic pressure, causing water from the base of the well to rise through the pipe and be aerated through the active section.

The result: injected air will have stripped previously trapped gasses out of the water in the relatively pressurized conditions at the top of the well.

Air access is restored to the water enabling the ventilation of gases, such as radon and methane, to the atmosphere. The system quickly and reliably removes contaminants. Visit case studies.

Key Features:

  • automatic

  • maintenance free

  • minimal operating cost

  • no scaling or bio-fouling

  • no chemicals

Is the property on a well system? If indoor radon levels are elevated, the source may be the water. Find out about water testing.