Radon Environmental Case Studies

Learn about radon mitigation products being used across North America.

Okanagan College Trades Complex

15,000 sq ft installation of Radon Guard™ at the Okanagan College Kelowna Trades Complex by PCL Constructors. The complex has LEED Platinum certification.


CedarCreek Estate Winery

Installation of Radon Guard™ at the tasting room at CedarCreek Winery in Kelowna, BC.


RDC Fine Homes

Radon Guard™ and Radon Block™ were installed by RDC Fine Homes in Whistler, BC. Both products placed, taped and seamed in six hours. As a first level of protection, Radostat™ was introduced to ventilate the home of excess radon.


Prince George Federal Building

Active soil depressurization was impractical at a federal building in Prince George, BC due to numerous points of communication. Five air handling units operating 24/7 meant high energy costs. The Radostat™ solution resulted in energy savings of $3,250 the first month.


Oliver Landing House Complex

Oliver Landing Development Corp. is designing safe and energy-efficient homes in BC’s Southern Okanagan Wine Country. Radon Guard™ was installed beneath the taped Radon Block™ in the new Oliver housing development.


New Hampshire Residence

20,000 pCi/L radon in water levels at a residence in New Hampshire. Airwell™ was installed on the property outside the home at the wellhead. Post mitigation results read 1,090 pCi/L. Aeration by Airwell achieved a 94.5% radon reduction.