Radon Guard™ is a new structural under-slab ventilation panel system that allows for soil gas removal, insulation and a capillary break between the ground and air barrier system.

CCMC 13698-R Evaluated as a code alternative solution

Radon Guard has been evaluated and approved by the National Research Council Canadian Construction Materials Centre and certified to be code compliant as a replacement or alternative for the problematic prescriptive solution specified in the code.

It provides advantages over the use of the code prescriptive gravel, which can be regionally hard to find, expensive to transport and labour intensive to install. It is also a potential source of radon itself. Radon Guard will soon be readily available at most building suppliers, is competitively priced, and is fast, clean and easy to install. It is a cost effective and efficient insulated under-slab ventilation system.

Developed by architect Randi Fox, Radon Guard is currently installed in LEED gold standard buildings in Canada. Radon Guard incorporates building science to improve indoor air quality and save lives. Visit case studies.

Key features:

  • code compliant replacement for a 100mm thick layer of clean granular fill as required by code

  • provides insulation for the slab, less heat loss during cold season than gravel

  • interconnected channels on underside of panel depressurize sub-slab space, direct radon to vent pipe

  • known compressive strength

  • available in five R-values: 8.1 (RSI 1.4 ), 10.1 (RSI 1.8), 12.1 (RSI 2.1), 14.1 (RSI 2.5), and 16.2 (RSI 2.9)