What is radon?

Radon is a naturally-occurring, radioactive gas created from the decay of uranium minerals present in rock, soil and water. Indoors, it is not naturally-occurring, you cannot taste, smell or see radon.

Why is radon dangerous?

Radon is radioactive. Outdoors there is little danger because radon is diluted in the open air. Indoors radon is trapped and becomes concentrated in enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces resulting in a significant increased health risk, especially lung cancer.

What are the symptoms of radon poisoning?

There are no immediate symptoms to exposure to radon at low, moderate or high levels. Symptoms of illness as a result of radon poisoning include those of lung cancer or stomach cancers. If you are concerned about your health, contact your doctor or health official who is knowledgeable about the effects of radon.

Can you taste radon? Does it smell?

No, there is no taste to radon gas in our breathing environments, it does not smell either.


Why should I test for radon?

Protect your health! We rely on public health authorities to tell us the right actions to take for our health. The reality is, ultimately we are the ones responsible to take action. We have a duty to protect our indoor air quality for ourselves and everyone who comes into our environment - including pets.   

When is the best time to test for radon?

Anytime is a good time to test. The best time is during the winter or heating season when doors and windows are closed. This will give an indication of your environment’s indoor air quality. 

How often should I test for radon?

Health Canada recommends radon testing be performed every two years.

Residential testing

When testing a residence there are many factors to consider. How large is the home? How many floors does it have? Are there multiple areas that make ground contact? Which separate rooms are frequented heavily? It is recommended to place a test in the lowest lived in level of the home, any additional level of the home that touches ground, and any rooms that are frequently used and relatively closed off from a main portion of the level being tested. In most instances a test will be placed in the basement, any parts of the home on a slab or above a crawl space, and in any bedrooms, offices, etc. that are separate rooms in the basement or on the level being tested. If you are unsure, contact us to assist you in determining the suitable number of detectors for your residence.

Buildings and schools 

We suggest following Health Canada’s Guide for Radon Measurement in Public Buildings.

Always test institutions with the guidance of a C-NRPP certified radon measurement professional.

Multifamily buildings

In multifamily buildings, some regions require certification for testing and protocol in the AARST-NRPP document “Multifamily Building Measurement”, should be followed.

Why do my radon levels change?

Radon is volatile. It is quite normal for radon levels to change up to a factor of 5 (5 times initial reading) within one 24-hour measurement. Radon levels can change because of the following reasons:

Changes in:

  • Temperature

  • Pressure

  • Humidity

  • Ventilation

As well as other factors such as:

  • Building insulation

  • Building foundation

  • Snowfall

  • Ice

  • Rain

  • Earthquakes

In addition, no radon test is 100% accurate. Radon levels will also change because of the inherent level of uncertainty in each method of measurement. 


How many detectors should I buy?

Generally, we recommend you purchase one long-term radon detector per dwelling. The number of detectors needed will vary however, based on the type of structure being tested and how it is used. Please contact us to find the best solution for your needs or visit our online store to see the different types of products we offer.

Where should I place the detector in my home?

Place your detector in the area of your home that is most commonly used. For example, a family room, recreational room or bedroom. Health Canada recommends testing in the lowest lived-in level of your home where you spend more than four hours per day.

Will the detector still be reading while it is being sent to the lab? Surely this will affect my results?

Our lab professionals use specialized algorithms to ensure accurate analysis based on the testing start and end date you provided online through RadOnline. The average radon picked up during transport is part of the calculation.

Can I purchase a 3-pack or bundle and share them with my friends? 

The 3-packs are designed to test multiple rooms under one dwelling. The Rapidos-Radtrak2 bundles are designed to provide accurate short term and long-term testing results under one dwelling. 

My dog ate my detector, should I be worried?

The good news is there are no harmful chemicals in our detectors that would harm this precious member of your family. We imagine the next few days might be a bit unpleasant for your little one but for peace of mind, please contact your veterinarian for their professional advice.

I have children - where can I put the detector so little hands don’t find it?

Each detector has a small hole at the top so you can pull a string through and hang the device in the air, perfect solution for those curious fingers in your home!

I am interested in purchasing a bulk order. Who should I speak to?

If you would like to purchase more than 25 detectors, please contact our Director of Sales, David Innes, to discuss bulk order options.

How big is the detector?

Our short-term and long-term Alpha Track detectors are about the size of a hockey puck and are very lightweight.

Are the detectors reusable?

The Radtrak2 and Rapidos test kits are designed for one time use only. The lab will not return the detector to you once analysis is complete. Electronic continuous use detectors and monitors are available and can be purchased by visiting our Shop above.

What is included in the price of the detector?

The price includes the cost of the detector, laboratory fees and professional analysis. Test results will be sent to the email address provided with the purchase of your detector.

My detector is still sealed in its package, does my detector expire?

Alpha track detectors do have an expiry date. They are best deployed within a month of receipt. Contact us if you have had your detector for longer than six months.

I am ready to purchase a detector, how do I do this?

Great! Click on ‘The Testing Shop’ at the top of this page.


What additional fees will I need to pay?

Taxes and shipping fees will be added at checkout. The customer is responsible for the shipping cost when returning the detector to the lab for analysis. Please track your shipment to the lab to ensure safe delivery. Radon Environmental is not responsible for lost shipments.

I live locally, can I save on shipping and pick the detector up from your office?

Absolutely! Simply choose the pick-up option when you checkout your cart. Your item will be available for pick up the next business day after 12pm.

Where are you located?

We are located in beautiful, sunny Vancouver at 502-1281 West Georgia Street in the downtown core.

I have lost my return envelope, what should I do?

No problem! Here is a link to print a pre-addressed label. Simply print the label, attach it to your own package and mail it to the lab. Don’t forget to track your package to the lab in order to confirm safe delivery.

Where is the laboratory located?

Radonova Laboratories, Suite 207 - 900 Oakmont Lane, Westmont IL, 60559 USA

Why do you use a lab located in Westmont, IL?

Analysis labs are costly to set up and operate. For this reason, we have one for North America which is centrally located on the North American Continent.

Why should I track my package to the lab?

We strongly recommend you track the package sent to the lab in order to confirm safe delivery. We are not responsible for the loss or damage of a detector shipped by the customer to the lab.

I have forgotten my login and password, what do I do?

No problem! If you have forgotten or lost your login and password please contact Radonova here. Radonova can provide you with a new login and password.

I don’t want my detector anymore, can I return it?

Due to the sensitive nature of radon testing equipment, all products are final sale.

I lost my detector, can you send me a replacement?

We do not issue free replacement detectors when detectors are lost, misplaced or accidentally broken but we would be happy to process another order for you. Visit the shopping page to find what you need and we’ll ship it out right away.

I still need help, who can I talk to?

Please call our office 888-527-4717 or email and we’ll be happy to assist you.


What is the differences between a short-term and long-term radon test?

A short-term radon test is a screening test to get fast results. An example of this is to get an idea how much might be held in escrow for a real estate transaction. A long-term test is recommended in order to make a mitigation decision. Long-term testing is a minimum of three months and will provide an average radon concentration which can be compared to the threshold defined in the national guideline. 

I got my report, what does it mean?

On your report there is a lot of information: detector number(s), location information, and your results. The main bit of information to look at is your Average Radon Concentration. This is the radon level recorded during the time the test kit was deployed. Next to that number there will be a +/- number called the standard deviation. This number is the variance in which your radon level may have fluctuated. It will always be a small number and have little to no impact on your average radon concentration and any decisions on fixing a radon level should be made solely on your average level.

The US and Canada have each set a guideline for exposure to radon. In the US it is 4.0 pCi/l (picocuries per litre). In Canada the radon guideline above when action should be taken is 200 Bq/m3 (becquerels per cubic metre).

Where can I get a copy of my report?

If you need a new copy of your report, you can login at anytime to RadOnline and using your commission number and password retrieve a copy of your report. Alternatively, you may contact Customer Service with your commission number and password and they can send you a new copy.

If you have misplaced or lost your commission and password you can contact Customer Service with your name and address and they can try and find the report for you. Looking up reports this way will take a bit longer but they will respond to you and let you know it is in process.

How long should I test for?

A long-term test of a minimum of three months is recommended. Testing over the heating season is best, when doors and windows are kept closed.

I have tested and my radon levels are high, what do I do now?

Not to worry, we are here to help. Please contact us to discuss your results and mitigation options with one of our C-NRPP professionals.


When should I expect to receive my order?

We ship our items through Canada Post. Your estimated delivery time within Canada is 3-10 business days. International & domestic shipping times will vary and there is no guaranteed time/day of delivery.

Why is shipping so expensive?

Unfortunately this is beyond our control, we do our very best to ensure our packages are sent on the most economical service within a reasonable time frame through Canada Post. Shipping amounts will vary depending on your location and products purchased.

How much does it cost to ship to the lab?

As each customer location is different, we are unable to tell you the exact cost to ship your detector to the lab for analysis. An estimate on the shipping cost is between $10 and $20 to the lab. Remember to track your package to the lab, we are not responsible for the loss or damage of a detector shipped by the customer to the lab.

Canada Post did not deliver the package straight to my door, I want my shipping fee reimbursed.

We completely understand your frustration however, we are not responsible for the level of service Canada Post provides to its customers. We do our very best to ensure your package is placed on the quickest, most economical service and request all packages be delivered to our customers front door or community mailbox, unfortunately it is out of our control if Canada Post delivers your package to your local PO instead of your home. If you are unhappy with the level of service Canada Post has provided, please follow up directly with them as we cannot follow up with them on your behalf.


Is there a warranty?

One year limited warranty.

Radon Environmental warranties our products to the original retail purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship except as otherwise provided herein. This warranty is not transferable and is effective from the date or original retail purchase.

Procedures for warranty service:

Contact Radon Environmental by phone at 888 527 4717, or email to receive return authorization. Include with the detector: your name, address, phone number, and description of the problem you are experiencing. All returns must also include a copy of the original purchase receipt showing the date of purchase. Package the product carefully and send postage prepaid to the address above.

Warranty does not cover:

  • cost of shipping the product to Radon Environmental,

  • normal wear, scratches or fading of product,

  • damage caused by abuse, misuse, tampering with the product including the removal of the back cover,

  • damage caused by failure to follow installation and use directions found in the manual, and

  • consequential damages, incidental damages or expenses, including damages to property and personal injury.