Radon awareness through animal wellness

Medical conditions that veterinarians see in animals are similar to those doctors see in patients. But the diseases often develop earlier in the animals. Test the home for radon. Prevent radon-induced cancers.

The Bark Side of Radon, presented by Radon Environmental, is a national public awareness campaign promoting home-owner radon testing through pet health. The campaign started as a health promotion marketing idea by five students within Dr. Anne-Marie Nicol’s Simon Fraser University Faculty of Health Sciences class. One of the students, Emily Li is working with REM this fall as campaign coordinator. Watch for stories on Emily’s experience.


BARK ambassadors

Meet the compassionate people promoting The Bark Side of Radon campaign in their communities.

radon and animal health Research

Discover articles and academic papers on animals exposed to radon and radon progeny.

Radon 101: What you need to know

How does radon get into my house? What do I do about it?

Follow our social media accounts. Do you want to get involved? We are currently seeking Bark Ambassadors to carry the message. Contact us at bark@radoncorp.com.