Radon is in the air we breathe, the water we drink.
Who else drinks your water? Your pet. 

The Bark Side of Radon™ campaign, supported by Airwell™ radon in water mitigation system, wants pet owners to test their well water to make sure it’s healthy for the whole family.


The good news is that radon fixable. Airwell’s patented mitigation solution is installed outside the home, at the well head. It also mitigates other common water contaminants, like methane, sulphur, and iron. Contact us to talk about radon in your residential well water. We’re here to help.

Bark Ambassadors

The Bark Side of Radon has the support of Bark Ambassadors in the science, home, and DIY fields who help carry the radon message in their communities. Watch the Holmes Family videos.

Anne-Marie Nicol, PhD, SFU health sciences professor.

Dr. Aaron Goodarzi of the University of Calgary, Evict Radon lead.

Janet Whitehead and Harvey from Janet's Story.


Mike Holmes and Mike Jr., hosts of "Holmes on Homes®." Video.

Sherry Holmes, contractor & weekend DIYer! Video.


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The Bark Side of Radon campaign team loves their pets. Send us your photo, tag us on social media @barksideofradon, and tell us why water quality for your furry loved one is important.