Radon Potential Map of Canada


Radon Potential Map of Canada


Maps make a significant contribution to the challenges of risk communication and can increase understanding of complex concepts.

They are particularly effective in communicating hazards like radon with geospatial dimensions, enabling easy comparisons to be made region to region. 

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Maps also create a personalized view, allowing people to explore areas of interest to them. 

In the United States and Europe, maps are used to plan radon campaigns, increase public awareness, and guide building code and radon detector distribution in higher risk areas.

Canada did not have a national radon potential map, and in 2011 Radon Environmental published the first geologic Radon Potential Map of Canada. This map is based largely on the work of the US Geological Survey, who published a map for the US in 1993. We were able to learn from their many years of research.

The objective of publishing a Canadian map is to illustrate to Canadians the relative variation of radon risk across the country and, by doing so, increase public awareness of radon and reduce the number of deaths caused by radon induced lung cancer. The absence of a radon map was a significant gap in the information available to Canadians, and is an important tool to encourage testing in all regions of the country. Canadians have a right and need to know about the dangers of radon.

The potential impact on select populations across the country is significant and clearly visible in our overlay series, which add significant additional information to the geologic base map. Contact us to discuss the mapping program in more detail.

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