News Release

News Release - August 14, 2019

REM Teams up with Fantech in North America

August 21, 2019 - Radon Environmental Management Corp. (REM) and Fantech are excited to announce a new strategic partnership, which will strengthen and expand their offering of high performance radon mitigation solutions, to reduce radon exposure and save lives.

Alan Whitehead, President & CEO of REM said, "We are delighted to have teamed up with Fantech, an established and respected leader in indoor air quality and radon mitigation. Our product lines are both complimentary and synergistic, providing an excellent opportunity for our two companies, to expand their market position, which will benefit our respective clients across North America."

“Combining REM's Radostat technology with Fantech’s air exchange HRV systems is a great example of synergy. Fantech will also add REM’s patented Airwell water treatment technology to their radon mitigation product line, positioning Fantech to now offer a high performance and cost-effective solution to treat radon in well water for the first time" Phil Rivas, Director of Sales, Fantech.

About REM

Radon Environmental is a building and environmental health sciences company focused on reducing public exposure to radon gas. REM provides innovative high-performance radon detection and mitigation solutions to treat radon in air and water. The company consults on radon education, mapping, testing and mitigation planning, with government organizations and the building and construction sector across North America. A strength of the company is its emphasis on strategic development to build strong partner and customer relationships.

About Fantech

Fantech, a Systemair Company, was founded in the 1980’s with just a single product, the inline duct fan. Today, their solutions range in a number of residential and light commercial applications. The Systemair group operates 23 factories in 19 countries globally, 3 of which are in North America. Systemair operates using 3 simple rules attached to our vision: 1.) We put our customers first. 2.) We simplify & 3.) We guide. For Fantech to have a strong future, our markets we work in must be fortified and strong as well, thus market partnerships and stewardship are a priority.

For further information, please contact:

David Innes, Director of Sales

Crystal Lytle, Radon Sales Manager