Holmes 911

Rapidos® Featured on Holmes 911 Show on CTV Life

Did you know that Rapidos® is being featured in episode 4 of ‘Holmes 911’ on Tuesday, October 8th on the CTV Life channel?

For our friends south of the border… you can watch it in the U.S. on Episode 4 of ‘Holmes and Holmes’ - Season 3 which airs on October 23rd on the DIY Network.

The first episode, “Families Helping Families” can now be viewed online here and pulled on all of our heartstrings! Patricia and Rod’s son Jake was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 7, forcing Patricia to quit her job. Their house “The City Barn” needed a lot of repairs, and they also wanted to make it accessible for Jake. When Mike and his crew took over the job, they had to deal with structural issues and a very odd discovery while digging the footings in the basement.


Rapidos® is an alpha track detector for short term measurements - it is suitable for 10-day to 30-day testing. It has the convenience of a short term radon test with the benefits of a long term test. You can find this short-term test and more in Radon Environmental’s Testing Shop: https://radoncorp.com/testing-shop