Bark Side of Radon

Bark Ambassadors Are Barking About Radon

The Bark Side of Radon sprouted from Dr. Anne-Marie Nicol’s health sciences class at SFU where the students came up with the health promotion marketing idea. Radon Environmental’s President, Alan Whitehead, loved the idea so much that they brought one of the students onboard the team to help develop it, and here we are with a full-blown collaborative radon awareness movement. 

The Bark Side movement is rapidly growing and wouldn’t be where it is today without the initiative of Dr. Anne-Marie Nicol and the imagination and creativity of her SFU students.


Dr. Aaron Goodarzi is the latest Bark Ambassador to join the movement. He is the Canada Research Chair for Radiation Exposure and the Chair of the Board and research lead of Evict Radon, a Canadian non-profit organization whose goal is to solve Canada’s substantial and worsening radon-gas exposure problem through interdisciplinary research for the benefit of all Canadians. The Evict Radon Study is now recruiting for the study and is open to all Canadians – tests can be purchased on the Evict Radon website.

In 2015, Dr. Goodarzi was named one of Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40. In 2016, he was made a University of Calgary “Peak Scholar” for innovation in radon gas and lung cancer knowledge engagement; in 2018, he was selected as a TEDx speaker and, in 2019, received one of the School of Medicine’s Education Awards for innovation in graduate training. 

The Evict Radon project helps researchers understand how our home environment influences our radon exposure. For instance, they found that newer Western Canadian homes have higher radon levels. Research also showed that 1 in 6 homes tested in Western Canada had dangerously high levels of radon gas.

Stay tuned for more profiles on the Bark Radon Ambassadors, including Janet Whitehead from Janet's Story, Anne-Marie Nicol (PhD, SFU health sciences professor), Mike Holmes and Mike Jr., hosts of "Holmes on Homes®." and Sherry Holmes, contractor & weekend DIYer! 

News Release - August 27, 2019

Radon Environmental launches new radon awareness and testing campaign, “The Bark Side of Radon”, with support from Sherry and Mike Holmes Jr.

August 27, 2019 - Radon Environmental is launching The Bark Side of Radon, a radon awareness campaign encouraging pet owners to test their indoor air quality for radon. The Holmes family, including Mike Holmes Jr., Sherry, and their furry family members, are supporting the campaign with videos for pet lovers (see links below). The key message? Pets are part of the family and breathe the same air we do. Protecting their health is protecting your whole family’s health when you test for radon.

Radon, a radioactive, invisible gas, is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Seven times heavier than air, radon accumulates close to the ground – where your pets are. Animals can’t take action to protect the air they breathe, but you can.

The Bark Side team is reaching out to every homeowner that loves their pets. To bolster the campaign, they’ve brought on Bark Ambassadors like Simon Fraser University (SFU) professor Anne-Marie Nicol. The campaign started as a health risk communication project to raise public awareness of radon in Nicol’s Faculty of Health Sciences class. Radon Environmental President, Alan Whitehead recognized the idea’s potential to amplify radon awareness. “We love our pets like family – they are our family and best friends. Protect their health and wellness by preventing exposure to radon and the associated cancer risk. Pet owners who care are pet owners who test,” says Alan.

Emily Li, one of the SFU students behind the idea, is now working with Radon Environmental. The momentum has been building with outreach to the animal wellness community, including veterinary colleges and offices, animal advocacy groups, and pet food supply stores. “This is a unique approach to communicating a public health hazard,” explains Nicol. “By reaching out to pet owners known for their high level of commitment to their animal’s health, we are motivating them to test for radon and protect everyone in the home.”

Watch the videos:
Mike Holmes Jr. and his dog Caicos

Sherry Holmes and her cat Loki

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Radon Environmental, 778 327 4717

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