Health Canada's policy is that all Canadian homes should be tested for radon and mitigated if above the action guideline.


Interestingly, many people do not choose to mitigate after finding their dwellings have elevated radon levels. Mitigation need not be difficult or costly. Contact us to discuss your options.


Holmes Approved Products

We believe in making it right. To make it right you need to build it right.

That’s why we work with the Holmes Team to bring high performance radon mitigation technologies to the North American marketplace. Look for the Holmes Approved Products seal on:
Radon Guard™, Radon Block™, Radostat™, Airwell™ and products in The Testing Shop.


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How to choose a radon test

Learn about the categories. Find them in The Testing Shop.

  • Short term radon test: a short term test is 2 to 30 days.

  • Long term radon test: a long term test is 31 days to 1 year. 

  • Radon alarm: a radon alarm functions like a carbon monoxide detector, checking in real-time for excessive radon concentrations.

  • Radon water test: a radon test for residential well water.